Public Relations Career! Here I Come!

Spending the past year studying PR and following the interesting news stories has taught me how to think differently when observing the PR issues in the media. I have discovered that no matter the PR issue, corporation, business or non-for-profit; every PR issue can be tackled using careful strategic planning and evaluation of each unique situation.

My interests however have been mostly in terms of creating an effective communications strategy and dealing with case issues and crisis management. Crisis management seems to be the most exciting when you are forced to think and act promptly in terms of addressing an issue, big and small. I’ve learned throughout my studies that determining the right course of action is a tricky thing to do, but with the necessary skills and tools set you can handle the most controversial topic with confidence and respect to your client. The evolution of effective PR planning and marketing is constant and fast paced, the online social trends have brought both benefits and hurdles for PR and Marketing professionals.

The most interesting part of my education had to be our digital and social media class that taught us the essentials when marketing to an online audience. The tips and tools surrounding complex SEO software has equipped me with a new skill that is becoming very valuable in the Marketing/Public Relations job market today. I’m going to be honest and say that Marketing is not my strongest suit, but with the basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization I feel confident that I will bring value to any company in terms of understanding how to target an online audience and measure its success.

I’ve been through an amazing learning journey in PR and have created a valuable network of professionals in the field that have acted as mentors for me throughout the way. My main focus will be in the non-for-profit sector where I plan on helping organizations raise awareness in the community, gain sponsorships and campaign products or services. I am confident that these area’s are where I will be successful, but also understand now the additional PR skills I can bring to the table. 



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