Old Spice viral content steals the show!

The Old Spice “Smell like a man” video created quite the social media storm with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube shares. Old Spice previously faced some fierce competition from its competitors such as Dove’s plan to advertise during the Super Bowl. So what did old spice decide to do? Launch an online campaign that included reaching out to top influencers, bloggers and people that they were confident would like and share the video with their networks.

How would they create a video that would appeal to their target audience and be interesting enough to become viral? Well first, Old Spice has done their research and chose to target men and women. They discovered that women are the top purchasers of body wash over men, so they came up with the best idea that appealed to both men and women. The unique and somewhat comedic approach was direct when communicating their message, “Ladies, look at your man. now back to me” this line cleverly included women and their perspective of what every man should be or smell like. The ridiculousness and creativity of the changing set made it comedic and somewhat resembled “the most interesting man in the world” commercial.

In terms of PR and Marketing Old Spice had successfully created a viral commercial that did not have a huge advertising budget, this type of online viral marketing is becoming quite successful for some companies who get it right. The ROI is valuable but targeting the right people to share the content is tricky. The PR tactics were clever in terms of pitching the campaign to top influencers for minimal costs, the launch was strategically timed a few weeks before the Super Bowl which created buzz in the online sharing trends on Twitter and Facebook.

What I learned from the campaign is that even when faced with a huge competitor with much larger budget and customer base, being prepared and engaging your audience will allow you to create a strong enough campaign that could possibly trump the success of the big budget competition. Online social media sharing has proven to be a strong point for marketers and PR professionals in this case. By understanding your audience as well how that audience engages online and the potential reach of other audiences, you can become either be successful based on what is #trending.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.05.41 PM


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