Joe Fresh and Bangladesh

When it comes to purchasing clothing from any giant retailer in Canada, consumer’s barely question where the clothing they are purchasing is coming from or if the clothing is being manufactured in an ethical and humane manner. Since the tragic collapse of a factory where Loblaws Inc. manufactures a small amount of their clothing in Bangladesh, Canadians have expressed a concern about ethical standards of working conditions and responsibilities of companies to oversee the safety of individuals producing their products. The media have covered the story extensively and created enough momentum surrounding the issue to suede Loblaws Inc. to take action where possible when outsourcing manufacturing to other countries where regulated safety standards that ensure the safety of workers in the industry is not strictly followed. This incident has since changed my opinion surrounding Joe Fresh line and Loblaws inc. in terms of purchasing the clothing and accessories from their line. I am a stickler for purchasing clothing ans products that are ethically produced and I usually do my research before making a final buying decision, but the fact is that with much of the retail (clothing) industry is outsourced to countries where labor is cheap and often working conditions are not acceptable by north american standards. The media surrounding the issue has forced Loblaws Inc. to release a public apology and strategy to address the issue. I have since made the decision to follow Loblaws Inc. since the incident to see if they have followed up on ensuring that they not only compensated the individuals but are demanding changes from vendors. After researching and following the story in Bangladesh, I have discovered that Loblaws Inc. is not responsible for the building code standards of a different country and have discovered that they chose the correct course of action in terms of immediate response and taking responsibility. The story weighed heavy and have a lot of people demanding answers as to why the building had been deemed safe. Galen Weston Jr. has chosen to be the face of responsibility and concern for working conditions, ethical production of their products. Although a tragic accident, it has raised enough concern on a global scale and the exceptional handling by Loblaws Inc. is setting an example that all North American corporate businesses should follow. 



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