Ammonia treated beef is NOT beef!

The controversy surrounding Beef Products Inc. and the ammonia treated lean finely textured beef labeled as “Pink Slime” has consumer’s concerned and demanding transparency as to what “Pink Slime” actually is and if it is safe to eat. The topic has sparked an ongoing and heated debate among journalists and food advocates. There is still much more information to be taken into consideration regarding lean finely textured beef as a truly all beef product. Many advocates have argued that LFTB is in fact 100% beef, while journalists have been more focused on exposing the chemical exposed beef product and labeled it pink slime. The amount of coverage on the story has hit the beef industry hard including AFA Foods causing them to file for bankruptcy. BPI has been forced to make some tough decisions regarding the price of beef in the market. The scientific truth is that LFTB is nothing more than fat trimmings and is used as a filler that reduces the price and overall fat content in the beef products they produce. This can be understood from an overall corporate level simply as a means to an end, but to the public the concern remains that consuming beef that is chemically treated in fact not acceptable or appetizing. The negative controversy does not help Beef Products Inc. educate or suede the public to their side either, although the beef industry has the right to defend their process and decisions surrounding LFTB and assure the public that it is in fact beef. They have chosen to remain transparent in the issue and have taken the necessary steps in order to gain support from food advocates and scientific studies to back up their claims. On the other hand the consumers have to the right to oppose the use of ammonia treated beef products in regards to their health concerns in America as well, the American public have been subject to food industry concerns from day one and are right to question and research/expose the truth about corporates who do not have their best interests at heart. In the end the consumer has the last say here because regardless of the amount of education or campaigning a company can do, once the relationship with the consumer has been affected you will almost always have to make the heavy weighted reconstruction of trust between you and your end user. Beef Products Inc. needs to focus on rebuilding that trust, through investing in a healthier alternative. 


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