RIch History

I grew up in Selkirk just north of Winnipeg, MB Canada. Being a rather small town I was not exposed to much of the city life here in Winnipeg, my parents seemed to fear the city and quickly instilled their fear into me. They have done a good job of keeping me sheltered most of my life and the most we would ever visit the city if Winnipeg was to do some shopping for clothing or new shoes, I remember driving with them into town and being able to see the skyline. I was always excited to see the hustle and bustle of the people walking downtown, traveling on the transit buses or driving in a hurry. It was always an exciting trip and we loved getting our new clothing and shoes, but I was most excited to see my favorite churches down main street, the downtown skyline from afar and the fun and maze like skywalks that were so neat and accessible to the public.

I had an early appreciation for architecture!

I later majored in drafting classes offered throughout High School, and loved it!

I did not however pursue it as a career choice YET! But can still appreciate the familiar designs and influences from different era’s seen in our very own city here in Winnipeg.

I moved to Winnipeg when I was 16 and completed my studies and graduated from High School in the city, I discovered the unique old Chicago styles of the District and the new contemporary design of the Millennium Library. (I was not afraid of little old Winnipeg)

Little did I know I would embark on a continuous journey filled with discovery and learning about Winnipeg’s Rich History of architecture, and my following blogs will be about that journey and share the experiences I had along the way. I would like to share my passion and interest of what Winnipeg really has to offer, because I think Winnipeg has quite a rich story to tell.

Lori Abraham



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