A Living Mystery Untold

The Last structure I want to share is the Government Building we all know as The Legislative Building on Broadway ave.

We all know the story about the Golden Boy, but if you read Dr. Frank Ablo’s book “The Hermetic Code” or take Albo’s Tour of the building you would look at the building in a whole new light and realize that it is a living mystery untold.

I won’t go into much detail about Albos’ explanation of how he perceives the building’s true purpose. But rather I would like to tell you of my experience and connection with The Book and my journey. Well as it turns out I was bored during the last few months of summer before school was to start, I had spent the last few weeks of the summer exploring the open-doors Winnipeg. I had not felt that these experiences had given me what I was searching for, something with meaning and spiritual substance. So I stumbled upon an Ad in the Winnipeg Free Press on my day off, I seen “Dr. Frank Albo Tour – The Hermetic Code” and I immidiately called for tickets and made a drive all the way down portage to pick up my tickets for Frank’s next tour. I was so determined to get my book signed by Albo and this was my chance.

The Tour day was upon me and I was excited to meet Albo and compliment him on his elaborate research into the history of the building. I shook his hand, complimented him on his success and mentioned that I was from Sagkeeng First Nation, he quickly looked at me and asked me if I knew Dave Couchene Jr.? I nodded to agree and Frank Personalized my book for me, something he says he rarely does. But it wasn’t the personalization of the book that had fufilled my spiritual longing.

It was later that month when I was visiting the lodge in Sagkeeng, I received the sweetest compliment from a sweet woman who was helping me clean after serving a large dinner to 50+ people. I spoke with her for a bit about my experiences at the lodge, and as we got further into our conversation we were interrupted from a man who she introduced as her husband.

It was Dr. Frank Albo! =O

So you see now, how this journey came full circle beginning at The Turtle Lodge and making its way throughout Winnipeg and back to the lodge. Meeting and learning about wonderful spiritual places, and people along the way.

Panorama 5

Lori Abraham


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