Can One Measure Spirituality?

I think the beauty in the answer to this question and perhaps my entire blog is best to be left undefined.

I grew up with many influences such as The Anglican Church and Aboriginal Spirituality, some people may find this religious gap shocking and undecided, but there was so many different things that I was exposed to growing up that today I think I found a very good balance between the two. I never really decided with one over the other being more true which helped me to open my eyes to the entire history of religion and the many different but beautiful ways each religion captures this ideal of a “higher power”. I have researched as much as possible other cultures and their religions with a unbiased view of what others believe, this may sound like a searching for a religion that I agreed with but that is not what this journey has been for me, I found great purpose in studying and practicing as many different aspects of other religions as possible. To me every country, culture, and person is really looking to answer the same question, and to me none of them are the absolute right way among others. After all the searching and practicing I’ve done I came to the conclusion that Religion is a living entity in itself, and what we choose is the freedom in that, of course some may not be as lucky to believe that they have a choice in the matter, but it is just that a belief!

If we start to change the way we perceive every Religion then maybe there may be more understanding of each other, I am not blogging about religion to change your point of view but simply acting on my beautiful freedom to choose to do so, speaking from everything I was taught in aboriginal spirituality is that in every corner of the earth, there is many different “higher powers” and being able to respect, understand and welcome these differences is the only truth we all have in common.



I have conducted this research based only on the users of facebook, and conclude that spirituality cannot be measured because there is so much left to be discovered.


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