Meeting an Astronaut

On Wednesday, November 13, 2013 It was a familiar and simple day at work. I work out of a Candy Kiosk in Grant Park Mall and everything was business as usual, until I noticed more traffic than usual in the mall for a wednesday night. Yes, the grand opening of Target is much to get excited about but there was something bigger happening in the mall that day, something as exciting as a book signing from a Canadian Astronaut! Yes my Friends Chris Hadfield or “The Man” himself as I like to call him. =)

So there I was posted with a friendly smile at my modest Candy Kiosk unknowingly missing the opportunity to meet a very accomplished and inspiring individual, until I had spoken with a very sweet little girl who was about 7 or 8 years old, she had convinced her mother to buy her a Ring Pop, we spoke a bit about our favorite flavor’s of Pop Rocks for a minute then she mentioned a song. A song I recognized and was utterly joyed that she knew it too! It was “I.S.S-by The Barenaked Ladies feat. Chris Hadfield, Then I noticed the book she was holding in her hands and it read….”An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth” Chris Hadfield. I was immediately panicked   as it all clicked in my head as follows:

  1. The Book was launched today at Mcnally Robinson
  2. Chris Hadfield was there in person doing a book signing (hence the traffic)
  3. The mall closes at 9pm (i’m done at 9) and Mcnally at 10pm
  4. I cannot leave this mall without a signed copy

I was extremely flustered and unfocused at work from that point on, I started asking every person who walked passed me with a indigo bag if they met him, and how long he planned on staying. They all answered the same. “He is staying until all the books are signed” I was ecstatic then determined. I started to text everyone asking if they could bring me a book, one of my friends came through and brought me my copy. I closed the the kiosk and quickly made my way over to the line that was still outside the McNally Robinson store, and after 40 minutes waiting in line I had arrived, and was so excited to have met a man who had accomplished so much. It was probably the most random thing that happened to me this year, his memoir takes you on his amazing journey  and inspires you to chase your dreams, no matter how wild they may be!

Lori Abraham

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