Millennial Girl

Since I am starting a blog and going to try blog weekly, I will begin to tell you about my trust issues! In the internet that is! Finding any good information to use for school or work off the internet is difficult these days, and last week while sitting class I heard my instructor say “We used to actually have to do research in a thing called a library”. There was somewhat of a very serious tone behind his humor that made me a bit uneasy about the way I grew up along side the internet. So I asked myself as a millennial girl, I use the internet as a “Lazy tool” to conduct research for things like school papers, how much sugar to use in a baking recipe, or even just plain old curiosity. Today people use the phrase “google it” or recite direct wikipedia definitions which makes them sound smart right? WRONG!!

The biggest challenge for most millennials is the way we perceive the information we are collecting (I saw it on the internet, it must be true)!

Although these tools and resources are just a click away, I still choose to visit the local library as much as possible. I still collect a wide variety of books and magazines not because I enjoy reading them, but because I remember my mother’s encyclopedia collections growing up. I can’t believe how excited I used to be when my mother would purchase the new editions of encyclopedias. I remember being entertained for hours having all this new information to search through even though we did have the internet. (Remember Dial-Up?) At the age of 10 I took great pride in having my own library card! =D But these days I can barely spare an afternoon to even use my library card, =O SHOCKED? I BET NOT! It is just too convenient to sit at your desk and “google” any thing you want instead of actually visiting a library =( I personally enjoy sitting with a good book and learning something new then being able to cite the author instead of wikipedia. Some people may disagree with Libraries Vs. Wikipedia, and as a millennial girl who is just as guilty as anyone else for “googling” things like “How to’s” and “why is”( you fill in the rest) just a friendly reminder to keep visiting your local libraries and buying real hard-covers and paper backs. And please remember that not all information out there comes from a reliable source. The Internet is great but a book with an actual author is even better!

The tangible experience seems to be losing impact among us millennials and that concerns me, and real soon those boundaries won’t exist anymore and we will lose touch completely in the “real world”. Blogging may just hinder or help my research skills depending on how things turn out “according to the internet”. 😉

Lori Abraham

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